All About Healthy Choices

depressed-woman-looking-out-window-500Many of us have seen the acronym S.A.D. As you’re reading this you probably have already thought about a phrase of words this acronym represents. What I’ll bet you didn’t realize is there are HUNDREDS of different phrases in health and other fields associated with S.A.D. Does you BRAIN take you down the path of one of these eight choices?

  1. Standard American Diet

  2. Seasonal Affective Disorder

  3. Social Anxiety Disorder

  4. Separation Anxiety Disorder

  5. Schizoaffective Disorder

  6. Substance Abuse Deaths

  7. Systemic Autoimmune Disease

  8. Specific Antibody Deficiency




but ONLY if your brain CHOOSES a NEGATIVE PATHWAY. You see, S.A.D. also stands for:

  1. Stand and Deliver

  2. Special Assistance for the Disabled

  3. Student Academic Development

  4. Science for Action and Development

  5. School of Architecture and Design

  6. Spacial Analysis Design

  7. Social Affairs Department

We rarely consider our thinking patterns and behaviors. We may view ourselves as OPTIMISTS or PESSIMISTS, but…

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