The Road to World AIDS Day 2016

Wanggo Online

I came to Manila to help launch Niccolo Cosme’s upcoming projects leading up to World AIDS Day 2016. Niccolo Cosme’s annual Headshot Clinic for World AIDS Day would be making its 8th year and that is a very special event in my life as it marks my personal coming out as a person living with HIV. At the same time, The Red Whistle has partnered up with the organization Save The Children expanding the scope of Niccolo Cosme’s humanitarian efforts.

The new Red Whistle ambassadors, led by JC Santos, pledging to raise awareness and spread proper information on HIV and AIDS
I’m very proud of him and I’m proud to be a part of all of Niccolo Cosme’s advocacy work. It was when we began working together on that first Headshot Clinic eight years ago that I was able to turn my diagnosis into something meaningful. Coming out as a…

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