Beef Fillet


Never overlook the power of simplicity….

This dish looks clean and simple, seared beef fillet, Jerusalem Artichoke purée, sauté wild mushrooms, char-grilled king oyster mushroom, Caramalised onion puree and a roasted veal jus.

When you taste the flavour combinations it starts to tell a different story.

Rich and tender beef fillet, earthy wild mushrooms with garlic and thyme, char-grilled king oyster mushroom poached in butter and mushroom stock. The Jerusalem artichoke puree is smooth, creamy and almost has sweetness about it. The caramalised onion puree made with chardonnay vinegar adds a sweet and sour element that works really well with everything on the plate, cutting through all the rich flavours to balancing the dish out. The roasted veal and red wine jus packs a punch delivering some serious flavor and rounding off this beautiful dish nicely.

If you want to go all out you could add triple cooked chips on the…

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