How to Make Realistic Images of Miniatures

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A quick start guide to making images of miniature scenes.

Whether with toys, model railroad sets, war gaming miniatures, you name it, if you want realistic-looking image of miniature environments, this guide is for you.

Get Low

So you have a little plastic figure all set up and ready to be photographed in front of you. Imagine you were about to do a photo-shoot of a full-scale real person. How would you place that person within your camera’s frame? In most cases, you would shoot them straight on, not way above them. Do the same for your miniatures. Get on their level, even if it means you’re squatting or laying on the ground (this takes dedication folks!).

In the words of awesome mini photographer Mark Crummet:

“This picture is a perfect example to me of how Camera Position Matters.

Assuming these guys are supposed to be six feet tall, this picture…

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