A Different Set of Mini Doors

Art We Wonderful by Marion Younan

Wow, do people love doors!

At my shows this summer, there were so many people who declared their love of doors… and then quickly added “I know it’s strange and maybe I’m an oddball”. Actually the people who said nothing about doors were in the small minority.

The doors they were referring to were my Mini pieces of Italian and French doors, mostly rustic with some type of greenery around them. Charming doors. Romantic doors. Historical doors that piqued the curiosity of who might have passed through them over time.

Yet, I’ve been long interested in another type of door. But rather than charming and romantic, it’s usually urban and often controversial – doors marked with graffiti.  They pique my curiosity with many questions too – what’s the motivation behind making these marks, who are these people, and as an artist I wonder about the techniques. I’ve been exposed to a lot of it…

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