The uncompromising principles of the successful writer.

Tallis Steelyard


I must confess that my exploration of the world of book promotion had left me somewhat confused and I realised that many of my ideas seemed to be at variance with what appeared to be the current convention. So in my perplexity I decided to seek advice. What I wanted was a writer who was both successful and produced work of real literary quality. But where would I find one?
It was then I remembered Calus Morphian. He seemed to fit the criteria and with no hesitation I invited myself round to dine with him. After all in the past he’d come to me for advice. To be fair to Calus, he was delighted to see me and gave me an excellent evening meal, washed down with a number of bottles of good wine.

So I waited until after the fourth bottle before broaching the subject that had been nagging…

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