Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers – The Bridge Tollar



Image thanks to Joy Pixley

It was the burden of history that weighed heavily upon the Bridge Tollar. It had seen its fair share of life and if truth be told it was just about feed up with the way history had treated it.

It was held responsible for the Barbarian hordes in the fifteenth century invading and pillaging the Castle Tollar. It lived a life of regret for it knew there would have been no pillaging and chances were the women of the castle might have stood a fighting chance against the barbarian hordes.

In the eighteenth century the duel between the white Prince Casper and his nemesis the black Prince Rupert had been fought up its good self. The bridge liked Casper and what a shame when Rupert’s shot sent him tumbling over the battlements in the icy river.

Life was such a disappointment.  Now they wanted…

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