The [real] face of Happiness

Claudine Giovannoni

That is a beautiful example for each one of us… does it really matter our position in the society? The money we make? Our studies level? You can be happy with much much less, you can be joyful just by being what you really want to be… When you get the chance to travel around the world, you may easily realize that the “face” of happiness isn’t made with precious stone and rare metals. Let’s put down the mask we wear each single day, let’s look at the mirror with the eyes of the heart and convince ourselves to take the chance to change… once and for all. For the sake of the future, for the sake of the planet Earth.

via The danger of tolerance in a prejudiced society — kenthinksaloud

Questo è un bellissimo esempio per ognuno di noi… è veramente importante la nostra posizione nella società? I…

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