Jon Queally: Sanders Says Donald Trump Simply Too Dangerous ‘To Sit This One Out’

Vox Populi

“I’ve got seven grandchildren. I’ve got four kids. I worry about the future of this planet. I’m not sitting it out. And I hope that my fellow Americans will not sit it out.”

Bernie Sanders’ message to his supporters is a simple one: Don’t sit on your hands. Vote. And vote wisely.

Despite some favorable early voting numbers and polling trends showing Hillary Clinton edging Donald Trump, the man who fiercely challenged her for the Democratic nomination is telling rally goers and his followers on social media the stakes are simply too high to be complacent this year.

“If you sit this election out and Trump wins by a few votes,” Sanders tweeted on Saturday, “many people are going to be dealing with that reality for their entire lives.”

He made a similar argument, captured in the following video at a rally at Iowa State University on Saturday:

According to…

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