How Subsidies Make Early Retirement Possible, Even Without Obamacare

Our Next Life

Before we begin, a quick note to head over to Think Save Retire today, where Steve is hosting a guest post I wrote to kick off the Thanksgiving season. It’s about breaking the taboo of talking money with family, something that many of us will have to face this holiday season. Go check it out! 

Subsidies are in the air right now, with them likely going away for health insurance under the next presidential administration. And though we’re hoping we get some certainty soon about where our health coverage will come from and how we’ll pay for it in early retirement, the truth is that we’ll be completely fine. As high-net-worth, soon-to-be early retirees, we have nothing to complain about, and no leg to stand on to claim hardship. We’ll figure things out, whatever may come. Instead, our hearts are with those who can’t afford higher health care costs, and we hope that any…

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