Travels with ‘Choppy’: Serbia Edition – Part 2

Travels with Choppy

Yesterday, I showed some pictures of ‘Choppy’ in Serbia that my dad took while there a few weeks ago. Today, some more pictures of her while there!

img_7230 Choppy continues the poor ‘Where’s Choppy?’ hiding from yesterday.

img_7241 The picture of the dog on the sign is hilarious.

img_7223 A statue of Nikola Tesla – he was Serbian.

img_7249 A statue of someone (seriously, I should have asked my dad about these before posting. I’ll update them if he lets me know more info).

img_7240 A pay phone?! This is the most shocking photo in the bunch. Considering there is a picture of a Tesla statue here, that’s saying something. 

img_7237 A poem from Dusko Radovic, a Serbian children’s poet.

img_7228 These look like awesome versions of our own drumsticks.

img_7235 A street scene.

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