I Never Promised You a Rose Garden!

Chronicles of an Orange-Haired Woman!


Wouldn’t it be lovely if all my posts were, ‘…sugar and spice and all things nice…’? If I wafted through the Blogosphere in a mist of nectar and rose-petals, strewing my every piece of writing with delightful images, positive thoughts, poetry and picturesque prose. If every darkness of life were kept firmly outside the Orange-haired Alienora’s fence and only light and frothy moments allowed inside.

Would I not get far more hits and likes and followers if I pushed such things as pain, fear, abuse and anguish firmly back down again, and only mentioned them in my private journal? Would it not be wiser to sanitise my own life on here so that I do not run the risk of offending, or boring, or annoying my readers?

Am I not just a self-indulgent, self-centred drama queen who does not know how tedious she is? Who is insensitive, nihilistic, obsessive and…

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