One of my favorites-The waltz


The Waltz

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


The ocean and love create emotions and passion that stay with us forever.


The waltz

We were doing a waltz upon the beach.
The waves were the orchestra.
The wind was whispering a love song.

I tossed her into a twirl.
Brought her back to me.

By the light of the moon.
Two lovers danced the movement of freedom
and celebrating being alive.

We come back to the ocean after each journey.
The ocean keeps our secrets.

The dancing waves are always waiting.

She was as beautiful as when I first saw her
and I held her like she was my last breath.

Two shadows upon a naked beach.
Doing the dance of hope and freedom.

The cold of winter is surrounding us.
We warm each other with laughter and dancing.

Two friends, lovers  and travelers who come to celebrate being alive.
Peace for…

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