by Chris Ernest Nelson

She walked to the open window so that the
light shone on her transcendental thoughts
and her translucent gown moved around
her radiant body like a symphony of mist.
She touched her lips then kissed the air.

The voice of a bird called to her and she
turned her ear to hear its message that
reminded her that everything she saw
was transitory and even the most deeply
rooted tree would one day fade away.

She rose up on her toes and took a deep
breath of the morning air and smiled
into the sunlight that engulfed her with
such delicate reverence in dazzling gold
and exhaled a memory of one she loved.

Slowly she returned to her empty bed.
With both hands she picked up a framed
photograph from the side table and looked
lovingly at it a long time before she reclined
again and…

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