The Hypocrisy of America

Eat Pray Vote

By Lorana Hoopes

Every four years we vote for a new President hoping for change. Eight years ago, that hope for change brought us Obama, and this year it brought us Trump. But the problem is that the President can’t or doesn’t affect the change we really need to see.

We need to stop the hypocrisy.

The left is rioting because their candidate didn’t win. They are rioting because they fear that Trump is going to take away some of their rights. (I personally think this is unfounded because Trump doesn’t follow through on anything he promises, just ask Ann Coulter and Hillary Clinton.) Now, they have every right to protest, but if Clinton had won and conservatives had protested or claimed to need “safe spaces,” they would have been labeled as haters and intolerant to change. See, a lot of Evangelicals voted for Trump because they were afraid Clinton…

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