Gerald Fleming: A Thanksgiving Prayer for America

Vox Populi

Lord, let us first ask you to bless this table: for the weight of the feast it must bear.

As you know, Lord, we have lately had an election in our country, and as we gather as family tonight, we thank you that no part of this election will come between us, for we are unified.

Therefore let us enjoy this meal you have provided, and let nothing set before us on this table of plenty represent anything but the celebration of itself.

Bless this turkey at the center of our table, dear Lord, and let it not be suggested that the white meat represents white America, swollen from overfeeding but now sliced thin, insipid, and far from the bone. Let us not find meaning tonight in the fact that the bird’s heart is missing, or that when we removed it from its ribcage we commented on what a small…

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