I Will Wait !

Quill & Parchment


905754-bigthumbnail by Sakhi

I am waiting for you, there is Hope

I am Joyful, I am Elated, I am Buoyant

There is Promise of Tomorrow in the Air

Contemplation will give Theorization

Foresight is in Vain when it’s You

Impatience is all I that Remains

Awaiting with Apprehension

Premonition of you in my Heart

Eagerness and Anticipation in my Mins

Fear, Doubt, Wonder, Surprise

Present in Ignorance

Zeal Lined Hunger

Zest Infused Alacrity

Caution, Insight, Prospect, Prudence

Absent in Sagacity

Believe Believe Believe

Have Faith, have Optimism, Wish

Clues, Hunches, Hints, Notions

All qualms, Misgivings, all Foreboding

Inkling, Intuition, Augury, Glimmer

All Clawing at Love’s Word

Come and Banish them All

Come and end my Wait !

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