Etsy’s First Christmas

Art We Wonderful

It was just before Christmas in the courtroom, and the judge was in a happy mood.  He asked the accused, ‘What are you charged with?’

The accused replied, ‘Doing my Christmas shopping too early’.

‘That’s no crime’, said the judge. ‘Just how early were you doing this shopping?’

‘Before the shop opened’, answered the accused.

My Etsy shop’s open and decked out for its first Christmas, so no problems with early shopping here! 

Click on Holiday Shop to see all that’s new for holiday giving or you can go to my Etsy shop to start shopping and check out the special offers.

Posting about shopping is not usually what I blog about, so I thank you for this seasonal indulgence! And I can’t resist one more funny:

What do hip hop artists do on Christmas?


Limited Edition Print Duos

Limited Edition Print Trios

4-pk Greeting Cards


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