It is too late , my friend.


It is too late, my friend?

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Accepting the world as is. We are to blame also.



Is it too late my friend?

I have stood by good friends graves. Killed for the wages of war. So many white crosses of once strong men.
I say a quiet prayer for them and I salute the graves.

You were just men
Brother soldiers. I have not forgotten you. You fought for our world.
You fought for me and you fought for us. I pray you have found some kind of peace.
I hope and pray you found peace in death. War taught you death, blood and lonely death away from your home.
Many of us cry still for you. I bleed words of remembrance for follow soldiers who once laughs, cries and loved once.
I remember you my brothers.

Hard to make a hard…

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