Loving me will not be easy.

Literature Is My Porn

Before you tell me those three words, let me warn you. Loving me is not going to be easy.

Some days you are going to feel like you hold the entire universe in the palm of your hands, ecstatic and infinite. On those days, your life will be a blur of colours in shades you would never have dreamed of, and you will want to stand on tree tops and shout your happiness into the world, letting it seep through the night air, breathing life back into many souls.

And, on other days, you will feel like the azure skies, always there but overlooked, taken for granted. And your heart will bleed in shades of melancholic blue.

These are the two types of days that you are guaranteed to feel. But, there will be a third kind of day, the one as rare as the blue moon. The one you…

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