A. Family matters

Frank Prem Poetry

Mrs Allium Fistulosum
met Mrs Allium Porrum
out on the garden bed
on an afternoon
in late Winter.

Good morning Mrs Allium,

one said,

Good-morning Mrs Allium,

the other replied.

The days,

pronounced Mrs A. Fistula,

are growing longer.

I’ve noticed an unsightly
thickening of my leaves.

I believe spring
is on the way.

Mrs. A. Porrum chimed,

I know my dear.

I’ve begun to notice
an unsightly spreading
in my girth.

I hardly know where to hide.

I blame this balmy weather.

Each nodded at their thoughts.

Mrs A. Porrum added,
rather pungently,

It’s very well for certain bulbs!

Those Cepa’s over there
are just soaking up the sun.

It seems to me that almost anyone
can be let into the family now.

It’s my belief
they’re really only Lilacaeae,
you know.

Mrs A. Fistula rejoined

there ought to be criteria
for proper Alliaceae

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