Sing To Me, Oh Muse.



Sing to me my Lady, I love to hear your song. When I finally realise it is you, I am raptured through and through.
So beautiful, so evocative, so true…

Let me sing to you my love. Allow me to sing through you. Close your eyes and feel me, as I reverberate through you.

So softly, so wildly, so passionately…

I am both forceful and soft, strong and yet so delicate. Blissful and yet tormenting. You know me and yet you can not touch me. But I can touch you, as I resound through you.

Awaken yourself unto me, and I will set you free.

You haunt me my Lady, oh but were it true, that I could find myself in you…


I am the string that vibrates, when the bow draws across my gate, over is the wait. Open flies the gate, the sound pours…

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