Free To Be A Jerk

Eat Pray Vote

By Lorana Hoopes

Trump on Twitter again. We shouldn’t be surprised; the man seems glued to that phone and Twitter. I think it must be something about his large ego needing to be stroked. Anyway, his latest debacle is wanting to punish people who burn the flag.

I really struggled with this because a part of me kind of agrees. My husband served in the military for 22 years, so the flag to me represents the seven months he spent away from me one month after we married. It represents the many nights I cried myself to sleep wondering if he would come home. The flag represents the six months out of every two years that he would be sent overseas to some foreign country. It represents the birth of our first son he almost missed (he was able to come home due to complications). It represents the many birthdays and Christmases…

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