Temer joga a toalha e admite não ter vara de condão para a economia | Brasil 24/7

Depois de prometer “resgatar a confiança”, Michel Temer admitiu nesta quinta-feira, num encontro empresarial, que “não tem vara de condão para a economia”, deixando clara sua incapacidade de apresentar resultados; “Há uma certa ansiedade para que tudo se resolva . Não se resolve em seis meses”, disse ele; golpe articulado por PMDB e PSDB produziu a maior recessão da história do País: queda do PIB de 5% em 2015, de 3,5% neste ano e um 2017 perdido, além dos mais de 12 milhões de desempregados

Fonte: Temer joga a toalha e admite não ter vara de condão para a economia | Brasil 24/7

Licença poética, de Sarenco



“Poetical licence”, foto de Sarencco, 1973. Poema achado no Facebook de Carlito Azevedo, que pode dialogar com aquele clássico de Leminski:

En la lucha de clases
todas las armas son buenas

Porque não podemos esperar dos poetas apenas a beleza dos líricos.

guilherme gontijo flores

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Desafio – I

Anderson Barros

  • Calcule durante quanto tempo esteve empregado um capital que, colocado a 5% ao ano, produziu juros correspondentes aos 2/5 do capital.
    a) 6 anos
    b) 8 anos  resposta correta 
    c) 4 anos
    d) 9 anos
    e) 17 anos


5        36 000
2            X

X = 2 . 36 000/5

X = 72 000/5 

x = 14 400

X = 14 400 ÷ 5 = 2 880 dias

2. 880 dias = 8 anos

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Where the Big Ones Don’t Get Away: A Q&A with Fishing Enthusiast Ashley Rae

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Ashley Rae got into fishing at age five and has traveled the world in search of the next big catch. We asked Ashley about how fishing became her passion, her dream catch, and what it’s like as a woman in a male-dominated sport.

You got into angling after a family friend took you fishing as a child. How did you get hooked? What keeps you fishing, decades later?

At the time, fishing was such a special treat for my brother and me, as it wasn’t a pastime my parents took part in. We didn’t fish often when we were young, except when we visited the lodge. It was always exciting getting out on the water — not knowing what we would catch. Each trip was (and still is) unique and has a different outcome. As I got older, I wanted to become independent on the water so I purchased a…

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Open Sesame


Just think: Every time you blend up a new batch of hummus, sprinkle on the finishing touch to a bagel headed into the oven, or slather your morning toast with a savory spread, you’re partaking in the oldest oil seed crop known to humanity. The sesame seed truly is an ancient wonder that’s managed to stay as relevant as ever in modern life. You might reasonably imagine that this old dog no longer has any new tricks left up its sleeve, but if so, you’d be dead wrong.

Taking on the Simply Sesame Blogger Recipe Challenge was no challenge at all, given the subtle but transformative new twists presented by Bonelli Fine Food. Each spread contained a wealth of rich, warm sesame flavor, but one in particular will continue to haunt my memories. The unconventional combination of crisp, nutty pistachios with a subtle undercurrent of spicy cardamom flavor immediately leapt…

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Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Hot and Cold

Cee's Photo Challenges

Miss MacKenzie shaking her head at the cold snow. Miss MacKenzie shaking her head at the cold snow.

This week the topic is Hot and Cold.  I want to see things that are either hot or cold.  This is a little trickier in black and white.  You can have any topic you choose.  Weather can be hot or cold, different seasons can imply hot or cold.   A stop sign in black and white could convey cold.  Smiling people can convert warmth and welcoming.  If all else fails, you an always use sepia tones which are more on the warm side and the blueish-black conveys colder tones.  I just want you to have some fun with your photography.

For a list of upcoming topics, please see the list at below.  Be creative and challenge yourself.  For a great black and white photo look for contrast or highly textured subjects to photograph.

Feel free to dig around in your archives…

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