Winter wonderland

Annas Art - FärgaregårdsAnna

Very simple painting. Cut out a house, stars, moon,bowl with porridge, Christmas tree and sant in paper. Put it on a bigger paper. Color the paper. Lift of the cuts and there you have it!

Speaking of winterwonderland

Have a nice winter wonderland day 🙂


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Watermelon, feta cheese and chaat masala salad.

watermelon-1The salty-sweet combination of watermelon and feta is exquisite. If you are all about textures, then you will be all about this salad. Spongy watermelon and feta cheese scented with garam masala – what more could you ask for?  The saltiness of the cheese is a perfect complement to the cool sweetness of the watermelon. An extraordinary combination of both savoury and refreshing at the same time. Whether eaten as a snack, starter or a light meal, that salty-sweet combination going on in this recipe will keep you refreshed.




Serves – 4

Prep Time – 10 minutes

Seedless watermelon, cut into cubes – 2 cups
Feta cheese, cut into cubes – 200 grams
extra virgin olive oil – 2 Tablespoons
Finely chopped fresh basil and mint – 1 Tablespoons
Rock salt to taste
Freshly ground black pepper to taste

Combine cubes…

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Curitiba em Transe, o devastador artigo de um promotor de Justiça do Paraná

Educação Política

  Por Fuad Faraj, promotor de Justiça do Paraná Os pretensos boys magia da Car Wash, na República de Curitiba, foram tragados por alguma espécie de histerismo paranóico diante de uma decisão t…

Fonte: Curitiba em Transe, o devastador artigo de um promotor de Justiça do Paraná

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What animals can teach us about mindfulness.

Lucky Otters Haven


I’ve always believed animals are our greatest teachers. As humans, we tend to dismiss animals, thinking of them as lesser creatures with limited (or no) intelligence. We think that just because they can’t read, don’t speak, don’t wear clothing, and don’t create art, music, or multi-national corporations, that they don’t have anything to teach us. If anything, we try to make animals conform to us, dressing up lapdogs in cute outfits or teaching them tricks to impress our friends.

Animals have much to teach us, and in many ways, if we acted more like them, as a species we humans might be better off — and a lot happier too. Mindfulness is a skill that helps many of us cope with daily life and eases the symptoms of depression, trauma, and many mental disorders — and there is no person more mindful than a cat, dog, or other animal. Even…

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How to End Your Stress and Live a Life of Peace and Balance

Bright, shiny objects!

pablo (1)

This resonates with me: Loosen up on expectations and attachments.

When we expect something great to happen, we begin to set ourselves up for the roller coaster. We’ll be disappointed if it doesn’t happen, or happy if it does. Pair that with being emotionally attached to the outcome and wham—there’s an even bigger charge. You just stepped onto life’s roller coaster.

If you realize every situation offers growth and opportunity, you can more easily live without expectations. You can feel confident being open to whatever happens, knowing that you can appreciate good events and accept the challenge of things you feel are negative.

Some of us have a general fear that bad things might be just around the corner. Try to detach yourself from fear of what might happen and experience life as it unfolds.

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