BFM 2. — Ricardo Sexton

My Name is Jamie. My Life in Prison

(Black FATHERS Matter) [Part Two] More, the spirit of war fights without A knowledge of what it’s fighting for Confined in its flaws & its frustration Blind to sure laws & pure defamation Again, obviously isn’t really obvious As a plain remain lacking an explain Telling: Don’t fall for the bate in play Yelling: Don’t […]

via BFM 2. — Ricardo Sexton

Looking at this picture reminds me of Jamie and little Jamie and all the things he mourns never having with his son. There is no blame. It is what his life has caused. But aside from that, because there are probably a million or more children currently and countless more in the past who grew up without the benefit of a father. How are these children to learn what a father can teach, as well as those who didn’t have a mother.

So many children end up with foster…

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