live from your soul

Poetry of Brokenness and Beauty

age does not stop
a fire
when it burns
from your soul
nothing will stop
that fire from burning
defeat, failure
all manner of horrors
more fuel for the fire

your soul does not know time
it is ageless
only your body withers
and tires 
and your mind believes
itself to be the body…
such a grand delusion

So Live From Your Soul dear friend
live from your soul
no matter what age you are
be timeless
be ageless
and not bound by
the rules of the 
relative world

for age is an illusion 
created by the body
believed by the mind
but you are more soul than body
so have no fear
be joyous as a child
and free as the air
let your soul-bird
fly free
and soar to the heavens
circling and diving
with the angels
at home
and limitless

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