Mystery Thriller Week



This is promising to be a fun one. For 10 days next February, we are going to celebrate everything to do with mysteries and thrillers. There will be several events spread out and about, so I suggest you save the dates.

The main web-site is here:

The corresponding Facebook page is:

If you’re an author or reader of thrillers, mysteries, crime stories, paranormal suspense or anything that falls under this broad category, you should register now. Join in to meet new authors, new readers, and have fun. If you’re a blogger, there’s a whole slew of review copies and author spotlights for you to post.

You can find the master list of participating authors and books divided by sub-genres here: Murder In Absentia, for example, would be listed under historical, detectives, paranormal etc. There are a LOT of books to discover!

Join the Facebook group or follow the

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