Reward Chart

Maximus Octavian


As Max is growing fast, he is developing into his own little character a little too well!  So it was suggested that I get a Reward Chart, and it seems to be working.

It arrived last week, and he has already gone from three stars to six, which I think is a big achievement in such a short period of time. There are seven stars he is able to collect in total in one day:

  1. I will brush my teeth
  2. I will behave when collected from preschool (at the weekends, ……
  3. I will behave in the bath/put dirty clothes in laundry
  4. I will sit down to eat my meals (he runs around a lot!).
  5. I will use nice words/not argue
  6. I will dress myself for bed
  7. I will help to tidy my toys

Now here’s the fun part. If he achieves four stars in a day, he will receive his…

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