The Time Tunnel

As I read Ron’s article, Southern [White] Male Perspective, I paused to peruse the photograph of the columnist and I made a mental notation. In making this notation, my thoughts were that this person seems to be one of the younger white baby boomers, the generation that seems to be least racist. Yet, he still has those old ideals, notions and feelings toward blacks.

While looking for articles to help me understand I found an article by Touré, “White People Explain Why They Feel Oppressed,” and I paraphrase, “Modern white Americans of his age group are one of the most powerful groups of people to ever exist on this earth, and yet those very people, the very same as Mr. White, wholeheartedly believe that they are now, or have been the primary victims of modern racism”.

An author by the name of Coates, in his book, refers…

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