The shoulder seasons

Bill Pearse

From a Howard Johnson's hotel room, Leavenworth WA ('13) From a Howard Johnson’s hotel, Leavenworth WA (’13)

Friday, 9 Dec 16: mom looked out the front door and winced. Two hour snow delay, but it all turned to rain and now the lawn looks patchy and white like a grisly, old dog. Stayed up late watching it, listening to the branches slap the windows, getting up in the middle of the night to see how much there was. Rescuing a live mouse in the morning from the kids’ bathroom in the tub, how it cowered by the drain and lowered its head anticipating the blow, how it tried to make itself look invisible and how we’ve all been that mouse, caught with nowhere to go. I put it in a shoebox, took it outside, let it go in the cold and snow.

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