A CHECK ON YOUR PITY PARTY (to the side man)


You signed up for this

Your body can not take slow steps to the fire pit

Without the consent of your feet

You dared to take off a married woman’s wedding ring

And God knows your heart did not flinch

You cleared out your field and packed up all of your gold

Just so you could mine it in another man’s land

Who are you to break up something that God Himself had put his hand on?

Didn’t you feel guilty for putting a dint in their joy?
You claim all you wanted was her happiness but from all the last encounters, all you fronted was yours!

It was her heart after your horn

At her sight, draws went off

Clear genitals, no condoms on

And I know i sound petty for bringing up stuff this old

But how could you even handle having a broken heart after destroying her…

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