The Night Bobby Found Christ in an Abandoned Subway Car

Art by Rob Goldstein

I dedicate this post to ‘WTF am I on about now?

Her post about photography in in virtual worlds was
the prompt I needed to finish this abandoned video.

I made this video from high-resolution panels that I staged
and shot in virtual reality and processed in multiple apps.
I cropped a cover ofSilent Night that I found at the
Internet Archives.

It is sung as a Gregorian chant.

To the best of my knowledge the recording is in the
public domain.

The thing I like best about the Nativity storyis that God
decides to incarnate among the poor and oppressed.

If you take the story literally the omnipotent God of Israel
becomes a lowly Jewish bastard whose life is in jeopardy
from the moment of conception.

I wondered how God would incarnate in today’s world
and came up with the idea of a homeless…

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