John Samuel Tieman: All I Want For Christmas Is –

Vox Populi

  • A society that respects all races and religions;
  • A culture that honors its LGBTQ community;
  • A woman’s right to choose what happens to her body;
  • A near total ban on guns in the hands of civilians;
  • An end to the death penalty;
  • A culture that considers the poor to have dignity;
  • A national conviction that climate change, caused by humans, is a dire threat;
  • Funding for alternative energy resources;
  • A mixed economy that consists of private enterprise and publicly owned programs;
  • Universal health care;
  • Extensive funding for early childhood education;
  • A profound suspicion of any utopian ideal that combines militarism with the universality of American values;
  • A progressive tax system that demands more of the rich;
  • An extensive system of social security that insures the citizens against destitution due to poverty, unemployment, retirement, injury or illness;
  • A government that supports trade unions, and honors their contributions;
  • A congress that legislates…

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