When nothing seems to change

Rationalising The Universe

This post is written due as a follow up to my fleeting mention of symmetry breaking in my last post.

Symmetry is very simple when spoken of with regard to the geometric idea of placing a mirror-line on a shape and observing the same image, but as with most things when you involve Physics things get a little more tricky. It is not so much that the concept becomes so different, it is just that we must be a little more creative in our approach expanding the definition of a symmetry. Any serious modern theoretical physics needs a deep understanding of particle physics, which makes symmetries unavoidable. Being an integral part of the quantum world and relying heavily on group theory, I find myself naturally drawn to this area when in truth I should be completing my mathematical methods.

Particle symmetries need not be taxing – I the majority of this in Hamburg’s Hotel Meridian after many pints of good…

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