Young-Deok Seo


Young-Deok Seo é um escultor coreano que trabalha exclusivamente com correntes soldadas.

O trabalho do artista objetiva refletir a contaminação que alguns materiais causam em nossa sociedade.

Young-Deok Seo expressa esse sentimento criando figuras do homem moderno com o uso de correntes de metal recuperadas, feitas originalmente pela civilização moderna e criadas através da produção em massa.


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XXX Christmas Sex

Holy Queen Mother


Christmas sex will make your mouth water

Your heart loitering in my hands, you’re my number one fan

Can you unwrap this gift and make your love fit
This is what I am a woman of ritz, I throw diamond infused fits

Now let me sit in your lap and bask in what’s about to go down

Down you go with a mouth out of control, some exotic tongue show

Moans, groans it’s just us creating holiday magic

Isn’t it so tragic the way you put down the love lock sound

Clap, clap for me baby I’m just your woman crazy

Not even your darkest fantasies can phase me

Try me, dive inside me and confide your gift

Kiss, kiss, this sex on Christmas is pure bliss

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Tofino Photography

You might want to have a look at a video I took today.I tried to go all the way down Tofino Inlet.I wanted to get down into Deer Bay & take pictures of the Trumpeter Swans. Unfortunately I ran into some sheet ice which stopped me pretty quickly!

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Eggnog Escapades!

And we stir


Winter is such a beautiful time of the year!! Despite the fact that the weather in Hyderabad hardly qualifies as winter, for those of us who live here, this is really the best weather of the year. There are lovely chilly nights that provide the perfect excuse to start concocting and consuming the warm cocktails. I make a mean Old Monk Masala Chai which the husbandman loves and Jini adores a hot chocolate spiked with rum! And obviously nothing says Christmas like nursing a cup of eggnog by the fire so we decided to try our hands at making some.

Now I was skeptical because I am not a fan of super sweet drinks but Jini had her heart set on stirring up this festive concoction and not only did we make the eggnog we also ended up making a stunning cake which is a match made in heaven for the boozy…

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