10 reasons why Christmas is dangerous


Christmas is about peace and goodwill and food and sharing and family and, well, it’s a damn risky time really. I’m not saying it’s up there with Donald Trump’s double or a Chernobyl chimney sweep in terms of taking the gloss off your day but in my time I’ve had a few close encounters of the cracker kind so let this be a warning

1. I have this thing about mantelpieces. They look pretty all decked out in tinsel and yew with stockings hanging off the end but, see, they have two flaws. First, they stick out and second they are bloody hard. So when I’m bending over, retrieving a chestnut or placing a Yule log, the chance of me returning to the horizontal exactly where the edge sits in the space time continuum is directly proportional to my lack of spatial awareness. As in this equation:

(my vertical velocity…

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