Stephen Dobyns: Napatree Point

Vox Populi

A mile from where I live is a beach where in winter

I walk the dog, console myself with the ocean’s beauty

and ponder the imponderables, like what to do about

living in a country that has become an embarrassment,

disliked and even hated around the world, a constant

source of bickering among its people and led by men

and women who seem stupid, but are probably only

scared, greedy, egotistical and ignorant. Forgive me

if I forget a few. How it got that way and what to do

becomes one of the imponderables and can keep me

busy for a long walk, while being unable to work out

an explanation makes me feel like a Good German

of the late 1930’s. I mean, if only I thought the FBI

were tapping my phone, I’d take it as a compliment.

Regrettably the commissars of modern poetry don’t

like poems to…

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