11 Tips on how to make a small home look bigger

domestic diva

Sometimes in life we are obliged to adjust with whatever we are provided.Our true success lies in how we deal with and not how much we mope over it. Same for the home, however remember life is what you make of it. You might be stuck with a house which is too small for your liking but do you know that with some judicious planning , you can extract the most out of your small house and transform it into a rather cosy den. Here are some tips to go by.

  1. Same color flooring-If the floor of the house has a color co-ordination with the walls it might create an illusion where the boundaries are blurred. It allays the effect of a small perimeter. ho9
  2.  White Furnishings- As we know white colors reflects light. If placed against white walls creates an illusion of blending and also it does not grab all the attention…

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