And, Then…


Strange nights. Strange nights.

And then…

It got weird.

I thought I would publish a few experiments on the last day of the year. And, leave you wondering if I’m really okay. No worries. I am. I didn’t get into too much holiday cheer. And, the down sides of 2016 didn’t get too deep into me.

I just decided to mess around a bit. Tinker. Play. Take a few pictures as far as I could. Or, maybe as far as anybody could. Or, would want to.

While I was working, two things came to mind.

I did most of this post production work to hide some technical deficiencies, mostly brought about by taking pictures with a smart phone. Then, I just kept going. Instead of just trying to fix them, I went some place else. Either I made art, or I made a mess. I’m still thinking about that.

The second thing. I…

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