Get ready 2017 I’m coming to get you ðŸ¤—

Elaine Rose ❤️



My psychic side tells me that 2017 is going to be an important year for me. I have pushed back the cobwebs, brushed myself down and I am now spiritually healed enough to move forward in to the next chapter of my life. This is the chapter where I cannot afford to procrastinate. 2016 taught me a lot of lessons including a shake up of that life is precious especially when I had the scares that my life was going to end prematurely. Which actually did me a huge favour! Every cloud and all that 🌦

Although I have found my direction with my lovely husband John my personal direction was unclear. I was playing at writing . When we got married two years ago in February I was not working, I was however getting paid for writing articles/ blogs for the online dating site on which I actually…

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