O the mistakes you’ll love! Devi Desert~guest post by Laurie Kaslow #India #humor #travel

Barb Taub

Mistakes make the BEST memories!

We were late leaving Jaisalmer that morning, but we really didn’t have a choice—not once we saw the Desert Festival that included a turban-winding contest for foreigners. Along with my two travel besties, Jaya and Janine, I clapped and cheered (and laughed) with the local crowd of families—each with their own immaculately-turbanned and impressively-mustachioed gentlemen—as our fellow foreigners proceeded to make complete fools of themselves.turban-winding-contest

So the morning was already gone when our driver pointed the car at the Sam desert in Rajasthan. Somewhere in all that sand was the camp where we’d be spending the night. We assumed that we’d be getting directions as we’d done on earlier India journeys—by IPS (India Pedestrian System). Every few miles, our driver would shout the name of our destination town to the nearest pedestrian/shopkeeper/entire family on motorbike/auto-rickshaw driver, and the smiling directions would be shouted back, along with helpful hand gestures.

At one…

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