For Some Reason, I Feel Afraid

Just Call Me Elm or Something

I spent the last 4 days with Robin: a girl who is pretty much my best friend. Every New Year’s, she comes round to mine and has done for the last 6 years; I met her on blind camp and we see each other at least three times a year. Despite that, we’re just as close as ever, and every time we see each other we have a ‘catch-up session’ that lasts for literally hours, in which she tells me of all the adventures at her college and I update heron my life.

This year was no exception. We spent my birthday and the days after that talking, constantly, in between bouts of me reading Jane Eyre and doing various other bits of homework. She’s incredibly clever, scarily so, and gave me the motivation to work. We went for a speedboat ride yesterday which was amazing; we spent New Year’s…

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