New Year. New You. Motivate Me – Week 1 New Year Resolutions with @ShelleyWilson72 #wwwblogs

Rosie Amber

New Year. New You.


Let Shelley Wilson motivate you with resolutions worth sticking to.


Week One: Motivational Guest Post – How to Review the Last Twelve Months.

After How I Changed My Life in a Year came out, a memoir/self-help book about one woman’s mission to lose weight, get fit, beat her demons, and find happiness…in twelve easy steps, I was asked numerous times how I put together the challenges, and how I decided which tasks to choose. People were fascinated by the journey I took to complete fifty-two challenges over twelve months, but more importantly, they wanted to know how I kept myself motivated to succeed.

We’ve all made a New Year resolution list at some time in our life, haven’t we? I know I wrote one every year for decades. The simple task of jotting down the goals I had for the coming year was something I…

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