Pablo Neruda: Poetry is Rebellion

Vox Populi

I have never known how to be eloquent in my appreciation. The world’s magnitude, knowledge, acknowledgement, the joy of a gift received, smooth as a comet’s passing, all this and much more is contained within a single phrase. When one says “thank you,” many other words are included that come from times long past or present, from as far away as the origins of man, from as near as the secret beating of one’s heart.

So it is that with my thanks I want to express and encompass the movement, the surroundings, the unmarked roads, perhaps the inevitability, that causes me to return continually in my life and in my poetry to these frontiers in the rainswept South, to these great rivers of my homeland, to the generous silence of these lands and these men.

If I learned a poetics, if I studied a rhetoric, my texts were the mountainous…

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