A Hygge Kind of Cozy

Carrot Ranch Literary Community

hyggeHygge is Danish cultural phenomenon — that of getting cozy with candles, blankets a drink to warm the belly. The holidays are a natural time to invite moments of hygge because at its heart is getting through seasons like a Danish winter.

What other situations call for getting cozy? That’s what writers explored this week, stories to snuggle. So get comfy and prepare to read what comes of hygge in the hands of writers.

The following are based on December 29, 2016 prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a cozy story.

And an interesting note: yes, stories are both cozy and cosy  because we are a literary community that embraces English (and writers) from around the globe with our variations of spelling. Each writer maintains country of origin spelling at Carrot Ranch.


Happy as a Possum in a Pouch by Norah Colvin

Warm and cosy in…

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