on peaceful streets

Frank Prem Poetry

they found Anne Frank ‘s

after all these years
they’re still sifting
through the traces
of that old war
and its cremations


in Nigeria
they found a couple
of stolen schoolgirls 

babies’at the breast

how they have turned into women
their sisters
still out
in the wild somewhere

and who they are
is lost
in the clouds of

at war


another little boy
dragged from bomb-rubble

or Aleppo
I can’t even tell
they all look the same
another city another child
both broken


here at home
we have no war
but the refugee children
are setting up in gangs
riding the night
ram raiding in the day


they have grown up
these war children
to re-teach the lessons
of kid-survivors everywhere
out on our

© Frank Prem, 2017

This for Michael and co’s efforts at the Poets for…

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