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So the deed is done: the winning candidate has been duly delivered and solemnly sworn in as President of the United States. As I expected, he wasted no time and repaired to the Oval Office immediately after the inauguration (before the inaugural ball!) to sign an executive order aimed at the Affordable Care Act (a/k/a Obamacare), presumably to “ease the burden” as the legislative branch gets underway repealing and replacing the ACA. My only surprise is that he didn’t have a stack of similar executive orders awaiting signature at the very first opportunity. Of course, the president had not held back in the weeks up to the inauguration from issuing intemperate statements, or for that matter, indulging in his favorite form of attack: tweet storms against his detractors (lots of those). The culmination (on the very short term at least — it’s still only the weekend) may well have been…

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I Promise

B_ live

I also think everybody do some meditation from time to time. Some need to have guided meditation and some don’t. Some need structure and some don’t.
I think meditation is – I mean – meditation for me is to place myself on a kind of meta-spot above everything that is going on around. It’s like making yourself invisible. I’m fortunate – cause I can do it wherever I am – disappear into my own world.
And I like it.

I promise
when hands. heart and thoughts go
for peace in mind
you will like the colors
and no longer see the mist

I heard you talking. I heard about your dreams. I’m sad about the false. That is something that from now on – is “was”. The most important is “now” – from now on.
How would you like it to turn out?
Life is now – B i r…

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Police enter Brazil prison after week of gang-fuelled chaos in which 26 died | The Independent

Military police have entered a prison in north east Brazil, establishing tenuous control after a week of chaos and fighting between rival gangs that left 26 inmates dead.

Fonte: Police enter Brazil prison after week of gang-fuelled chaos in which 26 died | The Independent