Chorizo Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

Cooking in Sens


I like sweet potatoes and yams.  West Africa has a kind of sweet potato that is white inside instead of orange.  I like that too 🙂  But I don’t care much for sweet potato fries with the added coating to make them crisp; they still seem limp and greasy.


The Super Duper market always seems to have good local yams and sweet potatoes.  I’ve been thinking about buying some for a while now and finally did because while lurking around the internet, I noticed a number of innovative recipes for stuffing them with meats.


All of the recipes I saw, baked the potato, opened it and piled the stuffing on top.  I did that once with a great recipe for sweet potatoes stuffed with shrimp and avocado but I hated my pictures.  This time, going rogue, I halved the bake potatoes, removed some of the pulp and mixed it with chorizo…

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