How to Read Donald Trump Like Donald Duck


If an alien were to land on Earth, and listen only to Donald Trump, the impression the alien would get is that a great, powerful, and cruel nation–Mexico–was dominating its neighbours unfairly, robbing them of their resources, cheating them through trade, and invading them with gangsters. “Mexico is killing us at the border”. “Mexico is killing us with trade”. “It’s a disaster, what’s coming across the border”. “Mexico is smarter than us, they outsmart us at trade”.

This is an inversion of the caricature of a classical anti-imperialist discourse, where now–because history has been erased–Mexico is the victor, and the poor United States plays the part of the vanquished. As a caricature, it brings to mind comics with which Donald Trump must be very familiar, because they likely would have been present in his childhood.

Trump’s major complaint seems to be that Mexico is guilty of the original sin:

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